There are many hosts of sleep disorders today which man continues to battle especially with, through the countless research and study done to understand the problem and possibly proffer a solution.


The cases of sleep disorder are not like the normal cases of illness, of which one would only be required to take drugs or take medication to have the problem dissipate but instead, the cases of sleep disorder has to do with a person's physical, mental and emotional aspect of the person.

There are numerous cases of sleep disorders which can affect the health of a man in many negative ways and these disorders don't just remain the same but, they develop into higher cases of sleep disorders which can be life threating in some cases.


Thus, it is not uncommon for people who suffer from some certain sleep disorders to have the disorder grow into a full case of a medical condition called the Insomnia.

There are many people in the world who have cases of insomnia, which is they experience the inability to fall asleep in some cases. While this is sometimes a normal thing given a host of physical and mental factors which can cause such type of problem, it can become a serious case of medical concern if a person experiences insomnia on a daily or normal basis.

The people who experience insomnia would sometimes have complications from falling asleep sometimes, they last for hours before they finally fall asleep and even after they have fallen asleep such people can wake up suddenly or recurrently during the nighttime. The insomnia is well-thought-out to be the most widespread sleep disorder in the United States and many studies have shown that a total number of 96% of Americans have reported experiences of insomnia in a period of time as they live.

There are consequently, a host of factors which causes insomnia and they stem from either man-made causes or other cases of sleep disorders which develop to be insomnia.

The many cases of manmade insomnia can result from poor sleeping hygiene: the poor sleeping hygiene is described as the bad habits or bad sleeping habits of which the man lives by, the man's sleeping habits can cause him insomnia as well as his eating habit.

When a man takes coffee or some other caffeinated beverages during the evening hours or if the man takes some relaxants like alcohol or the man smokes some mind inducing drug, it can lead to his inability of fall asleep.

Also, little things which don't matter like leaving the bedroom lights on or sleeping with the TV on, using the computer or cell phone can cause bad habits and it can lead to a poor sleeping habit, which can develop into insomnia.

The mental health of the man can cause insomnia as well. When a person has a problem with his mental health, when a person experiences emotional problems such as anxiety, worry, depression, sadness, excitement and even stress in most cases, it can lead to a person having a problem with his sleep. Problems such as the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder otherwise known as the PTSD can lead to insomnia issues, as well as emotional issues which can arise from the man losing a loved one, or having financial situations, can lead to insomnia as well.

In addition to these symptoms some medications of which the person or the individual can be on can cause the person an insomniac situation, while this case is normal depending on why the drug has been taken, it can be a problem if it is relied on even after the use of it is accomplished. There is also a host of many conditions or conditions arising from medical problems which can cause insomnia. These medical situations can interrupt the normal person's sleep pattern and these conditions arise from situations such as COPD, chronic pains, asthma, sleep apnea, heart failure, thyroid problems, arthritis, stroke and Alzheimer diseases, depression and sadness and endocrine problems.

There are other causes of insomnia which are mostly associated with women and they arise from cases such as pregnancy issues, menopause, and even aging at times can be a likely cause. While these causes can be normal and are caused as a result of hormonal changes, it can be a source of a problem for the woman sometimes, and thus there may be a need for medical care concerning the case.  

Now, there are some sleep disorders which can cause insomnia and these sleep disorders are not manmade but it is as a result of some sleep disorder which developed to become full-blown insomnia when they are not given the medical attention that they deserve. These sleep disorders come in form of sleep apnea which is caused by snoring, the restless leg syndrome, the sleepwalking syndrome, the nightmare problem and a host of many others.

The Sleep Apnea which is known to be one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation in the American society at large today is caused by snoring. The sleep apnea is a medical condition which causes the affected person to cease breathing several times during the night when they are asleep. The cessation of the breathing can be as long as a few seconds or in some cases it can be for a few minute. This situation can make a sleeper go from deep sleep to shallow sleep and in some cases, the patient can wake up panting for air.

The sleep apnea can lead to bouts of insomnia and it can lead to the affected person sleeping even during the day hours. There is a host of many people who experience this problem but they don't realize it and the only way of which they can know this is by asking their sleeping partners or by taking a sleeping test to determine what level of sleep apnea they fall in. The person who has sleep apnea can treat the sleep apnea through ways which include changing the lifestyle; which can be losing weight gains, using anti-snoring devices or breathing devices like the CPAP seen here and he can even go for surgery if he has a serious case of sleep apnea